JULI TURPIN rcst, bcst

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Juli Turpin Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, trained in London now living in Boston where the environment is amazingly conducive to health and healing.

Early on in our sessions I began to understand that certain experiences had set my ailments in motion.  Juli helped me realise and modify a huge relationship issue I have suffered through all my life. A mind body connection that was quite broken was beginning to re-wire. Under the gentle guidance of Juli I know this process to be slow and ongoing. However I cannot put a value on how key this awareness has been to me. I am now living happier and am able to share this positivity with my husband and children. The benefits I reaped seem to extend endlessly. I highly recommend Juli, she has righted me on my path to healing.

Nancy K, Florida


Life can be traumatic. It doesn't matter if it's a series of relatively insignificant events or a single crisis, the outcome can be debilitation, even for the strongest person! We acknowledge memories, but do we think about cellular memory within our own body? I came to Juli when I had a crisis. The healing I received through cranio-sacral therapy sessions was invaluable. Juli facilitated a secure space of deep relaxation for me. The sessions worked on a far greater level, beyond words. I couldn't have imagined the benefits I gained!!

Mark E, London


Having suffered migraines for most of my life and with them returning with a vengeance in my early 40's, I was looking for an alternative to the usual medication that was no longer working. Being introduced to Juli through a friend was such a relief, I found the migraines greatly reduced and were easier to treat when they did occur. But more importantly, our therapy sessions allowed me to feel more grounded and I could feel what my body was trying to tell me. Over a few short months my body felt more balanced and able to cope with the stresses of life. Each session felt like a different journey and I was always amazed at how intuitive Juli was, picking up on how my body responded to her treatment with ease. The pre and post treatment chats were always relaxed and informative, guiding me through my body's responses and reactions to treatment.

Deanne L, London


Juli offers her clients professionalism, warmth and expertise. I was assured of her skills from the off and finished each session feeling incredibly centred and relaxed. If you are seeking out a craniosacral therapist for a specific condition or are interested in exploring the therapy in a more general sense, Juli will cater for your needs. I recommend her unreservedly.

Lucy B, London


Juli has magic in her fingertips! The empathy she has as a person translates directly into her work - she is incredibly intuitive. Her extensive training and experience have given her the tools to tackle anything; you are in good hands with Juli. I can honestly say that every cranio session I've had with her left me feeling totally relaxed and recharged. Try it!

Helen B, London


I had never experienced craniosacral therapy before. However Juli talked me through the research and we worked together for several months. I was out of my comfort zone and the therapy did uncover some profound emotions. However I was made to feel safe and supported by Juli the entire time. I know from my experience as a nurse that there is an innate skill in guiding someone through emotional or physical discomfort. Juli has the ability to do this expertly and I would always recommend her work.

Mark C, London